Wedding Trends Look Book 2017: Baroque Industrial

Inspired by the Maker Movement, we married mixed media, hand-crafted tools, metal tones, and industrial arts with the flourishes of French style in a design we titled: BAROQUE INDUSTRIAL. Both utilitarian purpose and crafted pieces came together in a juxtaposition with a richness of gold and hints of Marie-Antoinette grandeur. With the trending request of couples for old factory and warehouse venues, we wanted to craft a design that brought together an old-world feel with crafted embellishments. Our backdrop, the gray drabness of an old industrial space. To this, we added the warmth of wood tones and ivories creating a rich tapestry of hand-worked pieces.

Gold and blue baroque wedding cake

For the ceremony, we selected simple formal furniture, which brought in the baroque style using rows of salon sofas with a black wood finish and beige linen fabric for the ceremony seating. To these, we added oversized pillows in coordinating patterns of black cremes and golds. To mark the aisle we used square pedestals finished in richly grained weathered patina. The classic details were complemented by the brass vases atop wooden pillars bursting with white amaryllis blossoms, which we spotlit to add impact to the setting. With gold embossed programs for each guest, the setting was touched by measures of affluence, including large iron chandelier rings with vintage Edison bulbs that hung above the seating.

We were inspired by mixed metals of gold, silver, and bronze with a juxtaposition of delicate laces and burlap. Layering each element made a dramatic impact. From the bronzed chargers on the guest tables to the delicate webbing of the gold-rimmed dinner plate, wrapped with a burlap napkin added impact to the setting.  To top it off, we placed an ornate baroque salad plate and gilded menu card.

Adding an element of surprise or curiosity, such as the skeleton key, which we placed on the side of the plate, can add drama. While the key has no purpose to the dinner, it threads the concept of the industrial factories where large hoops of keys would be used to open large freight doors. Above all, elements like these will get your guests talking.

Skeleton key sits on top of burlap napkin at wedding

By dissecting elements of fashion trends we used elements such as pastels as the foundation of the tablescape and then softened and enhanced by gold lace.

The reembroidered overlays in a floral motif layer beautifully accompanied a pastel blue undercloth. Simple crystal hand-blown stemware and hammered flatware brought touches of the hand-crafted inspiration. A loose, garden-picked floral arrangement accented the center of the guest tables, while rows of florals accented the long harvest-inspired head table. Simple wooden cross-back chairs and wooden chargers brought a rough-hewn finish to the tables.

More modern, linear shelves were filled with worn elements and more industrial features including metal tools and baroque finials.

Baroque industrial wedding tabletop

We added focus to the reception space with a dramatic lighting installation that featured lengths of ropes. This created an Edison bulb chandelier that ran the length of the head table. The warm glow of candlelight and the amber hue of the dim lighting helps with the warming of any industrial space. The mixture of beautiful Baroque and gloomy Industrial combines the strong and soft, which is a perfect combination for a wedding.

The grandame of all weddings to us is the wedding cake. Trending this year are taller cakes featuring color and hand painting.  Hours and hours of handwork bring out the signature elements of this wedding cake, at right. The cake featured hand-painted roses, gold-gilded motifs, and layered lace just like a gown worn by Marie Antoinette.


Images by Lauren B Photography