Kay + Matt | 2018 Twin Cities Live Trend Wedding

The First Sight:

We met online through the dating app bumble, but our first official date was at Frankie’s Pizza in Maple Grove.

The Proposal:

Matt – I setup the proposal about a day beforehand, as she had figured out that I had something up my sleeve for Christmas. I really wanted to catch her off-guard. We already had a picnic planned, so it was a matter of scoping out a good spot in advance and making sure that I had everything prepared and convinced her to dress appropriately for this picnic. I picked Sunset Ridge as it was a close walk, with a really nice view. The day of – I walked her up there, and it may have felt a little rushed to her as I was trying to keep on a time schedule (My Sister was hiding to take photographs). Once we got setup – I asked her to take a selfie so she would stand, and then I proposed. You can see in our engagement photos she was very surprised and still had her phone out at the time.

Kay – No, I did expect it. I was getting ready to eat picnic food, had my shoes off was getting comfortable; and then he proposed!

The Favorite Moment:

Matt – I think the wedding was absolutely perfect, and I would relive any moment of it. I mean I married the love of my life! I think beyond the ceremony what stands out for me was the group photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. All of the pressure was off at that time, and we just had a lot of fun taking pictures out in the snow. It was the first time everyone really let loose.

Kay – When I was able to see all of the faces of our friends/family that came out to show love and support. Seeing Matt’s smiling face was magical.

The Dress:

I have gone dress shopping many times, and always felt that I was missing something. I never found a dress that I really liked. Going to Angelique’s I knew that I had to find a dress, not only that but three dresses. So the pressure was on! The stars really aligned that day, I was fortunate enough not only to find one, but three dresses that made me feel amazing and like a bride.

The Party:

Matt –I have known the groomsmen for years, and was really lucky to have Mark, Kevin, and Donny as groomsmen. We spent most of our childhood hanging out and growing up together, there were countless days where we would bike to each other’s houses only to find the other had left to bike to the other ones house. We’ve had countless adventures together and will have countless more.

Kay - Kay’s Bridesmaids are her friends that she’s met in her early twenties that have been like sisters to her. They grew up together, taken many vacations together, and had many adventures together; and now all share a common tattoo bond. Bebe is still local, but Allie and Simone now both live in different states, but it doesn’t feel like it with the constant communication and connections we have to them.

Ceremony Music:
Abiding Harmony
Disc Jockey & Uplighting:
Minnesota Wedding Party
Floral Designer:
Sweet Pea's Floral
Guest Accomodations:
The Hewing Hotel
Hair & Make-up:
Winter Artistry
Honeymoon Coordination:
AAA Minneapolis
Ivory Isle Designs
Hastings Bus Company
Wedding Bands:
Jewelry by Johan


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