About Us

Tears of joy rolling on bride’s or groom’s cheek, the mother laughing, the father smiling, the grandmother gossiping, the sister hugging the bride, friends cheering, the maid of honor plotting a surprise, the nephew picking his nose, the niece hiding under the buffet table, guests joking, dancing, real people, alive, loving each other. These are all those little moments that I love to capture into images.

Some days, such as the wedding day, are so intense in emotion and so full of micro events that they deserve to be well documented in an elegant and timeless style that will survive in the future.

As a French wedding photographer that worked in fashion and artistic industry in Paris for more than 10 years, I put all my talents and technique at the service of my clients with a complete approach of a wedding coverage (from the planning, to the wedding day itself and the albums).

Before the wedding:
I got married 7 years ago, and despite hundreds of weddings I had covered, it was for me one of the most stressful days of my life to plan. Understanding that, I believe that my job starts with assisting the bride and the groom to design the best timeline. That is key to a stress-free and a smooth day.

On the wedding day:
I capture authentic candid shots during your entire wedding day, showcasing its unicity.
During the bride and groom photo sessions, I use advanced techniques to direct couples and put them at ease, so the pictures look natural and not weirdly posed.
I use my creativity to capture some unique artistic pictures that step out of the line.
And during the group pictures I direct and work with each member to get an image that looks like an old painting.

After the wedding:
I personally select and retouch every single image to get the best of them. I value timeless style and have decided not to use some trendy effects, which are by definition trendy.
Once you have selected your photos, I design and print some top quality wedding albums that are made to last one hundred years.

At French-Touch-Photography, we are doing much more than wedding photography. We put quality and client’s experience at the center of our philosophy. We provide them with tailored service, guidance, and unforgettable images for the next generations to cherish.

We will be honored to meet you, to capture all the life and energy of your wedding day, and to document the joy of you surrounded by your family and friends. Contact us and let’s start the process.