About Us

GRACE is the label behind the world’s most-pinned wedding dress and is the largest direct-to-consumer independent bridal brand globally. With all product designed, handmade and manufactured in Australia, each GRACE gown is crafted for style, comfort and movement.


Disillusioned with the structured, traditional wedding ‘uniform’ that dominated the market, Founder, Megan Ziems set out to change the bridal industry. She believed that quality shouldn’t be dictated by a price tag, and that a woman shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice style for comfort. She thought that the brides of today deserved better than average.​


And so, in 2011 began the story of Grace Loves Lace. Since then, the team has created a whole new perspective on bridal dressing and have been designing gowns we want women to feel confident and empowered in. Our handmade gowns are all about effortless luxury, quality and style. We design gowns that have soul, originality and authenticity.​​​


Our designs are all created by Founder Meg and Head Designer Rosie and brought to life by our in-house production team. We introduced an innovative and modern way of designing and constructing wedding dresses. We steer clear of boning or corsetry and opt for ‘stretch’ instead – designing unique silhouettes which allow you to move, laugh and dance, freely. Our award-winning gowns work with your body, not against it.


Stepping into our luxurious GRACE showroom is an experience you won’t ever forget. Private rooms, gorgeous interiors and our signature award-winning down to earth friendly one-on-one service allows us to tailor your experience to suit your needs. Our showrooms are designed to feel like an extension of our Founder Meg’s home, and we want to make you and your guests feel truly welcome and comfortable which is why we don’t charge for appointments and we say heck yes to lots of photos.