About Us

Intentional Mantra is about allowing yourself to become your highest and most authentic self. Making a powerful shift between who you are and what you want to become and turning that into your Intentional Mantra! I am incredibly passionate about every piece on this site; each is a unique beauty. I have a hand in everything on this site; each element has been chosen because of the true beauty, quality, and grounding elements they will bring. This is my Intentional Mantra; I share this love with you and for you.

Hi, my name is Amy, and I am the creator of Intentional Mantra. I am passionate about creating a more decisive shift between who we are and what we want to become! As humans, we deserve to see the FIRE within our soul; we deserve to ignore the negative influences and RISE to our most potential and creating your Intentional Mantra.

The vision behind this concept is to empower women, children, and men in helping create your mantra. This journey starts with finding your word, intentionally reading your affirmation cards, creating a space where you can embrace the positive shift and wearing your beautiful Intentional Mantra Jewelry that aligns with your story. I am passionate about creating a more powerful change between who we are and what we want to become! Your story is worth hearing. What’s your mantra?


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Intentional Mantra

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