About Us

We believe every couple deserves to have the ceremony that they want – even if they don’t know what that is initially. We believe that our clients deserve to be acknowledged and listen to. We believe that couples should be able to remember at least some of their ceremony! We believe any couple should be shown respect, consideration for their beliefs and values. We believe that every couple deserves to get married and be crazy in love!

We are a team of professionals who Love Love Love doing wedding ceremonies! We thrive on helping couples figure out what they want for their ceremony. Even if we end up hiking a half a mile in on trails to do the ceremony.

Lets face it, most couples do not know what they want in a ceremony. After all it isn’t something that alot of thought is put into. Couples just know one thing “WE WANT TO GET MARRIED”.

So we start by asking questions, what do you like? Theme of the wedding? What don’t you like? Are you having pets? Kids? You get the idea.
We ask a lot of questions. Don’t worry though we will write it all down. We developed a form to keep us and you on track – after all your time is often in short supply.
We will discuss your options, give you suggestions and ideas and before you know it, your ceremony is done. Easy as can be – all done in convenience of in your own home on your own time frame. Technology can be wonderful.

Your ceremony should be about you and your partner! It should not be about the person doing the ceremony. It is not about your guests. Our main goal is to keep the couple as stress free as possible, get them through their ceremony in the most positive and supportive way. Your ceremony is about you, your guests and the Officiant are the lucky people who get to witness your glorious day.

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