About Us

Picture This Event is about creating and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Picture This Event offers two styles of photo booths to rent. We have a photo booth specifically designed for weddings as well as a standup kiosk. We offer 2 copies of each strip of photos taken so that the guest can keep one and place the other in a scrapbook we provide and share sentiments with colorful markers, washi tape, stickers, and decals. This turns out to be an entertaining part of your special day that will be cherished forever. All you need is an electrical outlet and provide protection from weather elements, preferably indoors. We set up for your big day in less than 30 minutes and take down even quicker. Packages include 4-hour rental of the booth*, scrapbook and supplies, 2×6 photo prints, borders, frames, and selfie props. The open-air standalone kiosk also includes optional 4×6 prints and a backdrop of your choice. Additional hours are available with an extra fee. Please visit us at
www.picturethisevent.com to book your next event. Smile for the camera!