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I love love, celebrations, and ceremonies! Since 2017, I have been helping couples craft their wedding ceremonies, and I love doing this more every year. Every couple is so unique and, through creating their ceremony, the excitement around the meaning of the day builds.

There are a lot of wedding officiants to choose from. While I officiant weddings, I prefer being called a Wedding Celebrant, because that is what I do—I create ceremonies that celebrate the couple. So, if you are looking for someone to guide the creation of a unique, human-centered wedding ceremony that celebrates your journey to this moment, committing to love, as well as your personalities, values, family and friends, we may be great collaborators!

No matter what your vibe—serious, romantic, irreverent, solemn, sassy, practical, precise, playful, cute, Bohemian, classic, glamorous, rustic, minimalistic, traditional, unconventional, exuberant, dazzling, or so many more—that will serve as the foundation for developing your ceremony.

Whether your wedding is in one of the fabulous event centers throughout Minnesota (I have a list of favorites), at a private or public location that’s meaningful to you and your relationship, at a spectacular outdoor location or on the courthouse steps, I will give your ceremony my full attention. I strive to be a great celebrant. One who understands your dreams for this day, for this moment, and helps to bring them alive.
Depending on the complexity of ceremony you want, I will write your love story (this is my favorite part), help you select poignant readings, create a unique unity ritual, and add other personalized and delightful details to make your ceremony as one of a kind as your relationship.

Creating ceremonies is what I love to do. It is so fulfilling to delight people by helping them to share what is in their heart and in their dreams and then reveal its meaning, as well as engage, to your guests. As I often say, the ceremony is the beating heart of the wedding day. If you want yours to beat strong and still have the flutters, let’s connect.

Let’s celebrate life and love! Fia

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