Wedding Trends Look Book 2020: Nostalgia

Hues of blushing pink, pure white, and rich greenery create a wistful, soft and romantic, classic French-inspired feel. Envision old-aged rooms, washed-out decor, light coral walls, baby blue windows, and the antique gold details of a dreamy local. When paired with blooming peonies, lush greenery, soft silk fabrics, ripped edge papers, and an opulent atmosphere you create the dreamy melancholy romanticism of a classic European-inspired wedding design.

Nostalgia inspired wedding

These details come together in a mixture of materials from glimmering china plates with delicate gold filigree and classic gold edging to ornate sterling silver trays with baroque stylings. Fine white cotton linens with fringe tassel trim create the perfect milieu for this rich classic look.

French countryside wedding decor idea

Choosing the right setting will help with your design. Think of incorporating ancient gold details with rich textures of wood and cobblestone. The elegant style of handwritten notes, like the ones below, make for a romantic staging when penned in robin-egg blue ink.

A pale blue font on thick cotton cards creates a beautiful and classic wedding invitation. The pieces are tied together with gold string and fastened with a gold wax seal. A series of postage stamps in various denominations continues the vintage effect on the mailing envelope.

The menu, below, also in blue ink on a torn edge cotton paper looks smart when tied with sheer pink ribbon and a sprig of greenery. Set upon a classic set of white china with decorative trim, the menu becomes framed by the ornate filigree of the stacked plates. Luxurious bengaline linen in mint creates an elegant background for the guest tables. Simple starters of artisan crackers and bread look stunning on natural wood breadboards.

By using a vibrant palette of blush pink, pure white, gentle pastel hues, and natural greenery, a perfect French-European romantic look was achieved. The mesmerizing flower arrangements including Calamondin orange branches create a botanical feel to the arrangement that also features hydrangea, spray roses, and mixed greens.

Weathered metal armchairs make a beautiful duet table for the couple. Sprigs of green elm branches and Amaranthus create a show-stopping chair back. A white-washed wooden table is set with fine china and tiered dessert plates. These feature a series of pastel macaroons, fruit tartlets, and French pastries while wire birdcages hold bright-colored citrus fruits, creating a beautiful backdrop.

Before the ceremony, guests could sip iced tea and lemonade that was styled with large glass decanters. A distressed sideboard could easily display a mix of vintage glassware, arrangements of fresh lemons, and a weathered birdcage for cards.

After the ceremony, imagine enjoying champagne and vintage lawn games; badminton, bocce ball, and croquet. Then guests could move onto the reception where a hearty display of gourmet artisan breads and fine French cheeses could greet them. Pair with fine wines, honeycomb, olives, and marmalades and you’ve created a relaxing and vintage-inspired starter. Delicate place cards, at right, in pastel inks, all on fine cotton papers with hand-torn edges would enhance the classic look. To this, adding just a hint of gold in the simple golden flatware brought the entire design together.


Photos by Sephory Photography