Wedding Trends Look Book 2019: Coastal

Taking our cue from the serenity of a spa environment, we designed a wedding experience that centered on the Zen principles of design with signature Asian-inspired elements. Adaptation of other cultures continues to bring new ideas for weddings and borrowed customs help to create a signature style. Each step of the wedding day was infused with natural and earthy environments.

Boho hanging lanterns at wedding

We envisioned a design with a reflection of Zen design principles. Within states of active calm, solitude, and tranquillity, we find the essence of creative energy. With a color palette of golds, coppers, whites along with the minty green of a bluebird’s eggs and smoky blacks, we created an overall concept that was warm and enveloping. The Zen principle Datsuzoku signifies a reprieve from the conventional, exemplified when a well-worn pattern is broken. We conjured this creativity to use weathered lanterns in various worn black and natural finishes, each with glowing candles. We hung them from jute ropes and scattered them randomly over the head table adding the shimmer of flickering candlelight.

The natural finishes tied in with the trend we have been scouting in home interiors and fashion; both in the tone and materials we used. For reception design, we suggest you start with the head table as a focal point and work outward from there. For this design, we created a large focal point with the harvest-style head table which featured a rustic hand-hewn finish. We paired this with the natural element of succulents in concrete containers lined in unison down the center of the long table.

The Zen principle, Kanso, dictates that beauty and utility need not be overstated, overly decorative, or fanciful. The overall effect is clean, fresh, and neat. It incorporates naturally occurring patterns and rhythms.

Each meticulously set place setting features a trio of gradient smoky glassware with a rich black water glass, a silver/black wine glass, and a smoke glass champagne flute, which pairs perfectly together. The repetition of rustic ribbed glass chargers in gunmetal and silver leaf framed Asian-inspired china with a gold joined-circle pattern over bluebird-egg green. We wrapped each plate with a silver satin napkin folded like a narrow belt. On top, we set a bowl to feature the soup starter and accompanied it with a set of authentic chopsticks.

To add some sparkle, we scattered speckled gold votive candles down the length of the table and accented each place setting with a hand-made place card and menu with a tropical leaf motif. Modern silver flatware finished off the look. A lighter wood tone on the cross-backed chairs added another dimension to the darker-toned table.

To soften the look of the worn wood head table we selected beautiful gold-threaded linens for each guest table. On these tables, we incorporated tall white bulbus glass vases featuring a stylized floral that included a combination of clustered Phalaenopsis orchids and Papyrus grasses. This arrangement added height and created a grand statement around the reception space. Weathered pewter champagne buckets held bottles of chilled Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Repeating patterns throughout your design creates effortless drama. The cake mimicked the whimsical design of the china and lanterns by repeating the pattern of joined circles in bluebird-egg green finished with stripes of gold basket weave. Hand-painted sugar orchids topped off this confectionery masterpiece.

The cake was placed on a gold-threaded linen with organic graphic lines to coordinate with the guest tables. Next to the cake, we placed additional weathered lanterns to add a warm glow. Together, the design created a harmonious and unique atmosphere for this signature wedding.


Photography: Anna Grinets Photography

Rentals: Majestic Events

Cake: Powers Ventures

Stationery: Ginger P Designs