About Us

Kathy Hill is the new owner of The HAIRatage Salon, LLC in Prescott, WI. 
Kathy was born and raised in a small town among a rural community in Minnesota, with a passion for cosmetology. In the early 90’ she began her work at the Aveda Institute with it’s origin in the same state, a forerunner institution of its kind founded upon traditional Hindu longevity medicine.  She was certified with a cosmetology license from Aveda in 1995.
She held two consecutive instructor positions in career cosmetology; one at the leading-edge Minneapolis area Scot Lewis School of Cosmetology and also at Hastings Beauty School of Minnesota, where she co-managed operations for student council and the retail team, created lesson plans, performed various duties including procurement, inventory control, student grading, and evaluations.
Kathy gained experience in retail salon operations and management for the JCPenny Salon in Woodbury, Minnesota with intensive experience in customer service, and in-depth scope salon product industry.
Moving forward, Kathy’s personal life experience and passion drive her to deepen the scope of her service to others by working with classes and one-on-one to promote lifestyle changes that improve lives by prioritizing health and diet choices.  She has been certified in Massage Therapy at National American University, Personal Training with ISSA, and Nutrition Response Testing. Her aggressive career path and personal discipline had also led her to train for nutrition and health coaching at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, New York, NY, and Primal Blueprint. She now has a thriving weight loss business with Optavia called Whole Body Beauty.